About Us

With nearly 20 years of experience as one of the largest suppliers in North America and certified as a women owned business, Envi creates highly customized reusable bags designed to your exact specifications, supporting your unique vision. Recycled, reusable bags have the potential to make an enormous difference to the planet and to your business – if they are designed, engineered and manufactured properly.

About Envi

Choose your own fabric, shape, size, color, design, we offer the widest variety of options to help our clients create fully branded, eco-friendly bags that have both style and purpose.

We at Envi know that going green is as much about smart marketing as it is about smart living. That’s why we deliver more than just a bag. Our business-minded, brand-focused approach and dynamic team of experts has launched profitable yet affordable reusable bag programs in both Canada and the United States for supermarkets, retail chain stores, government programs, conferences and expos and many more.

And we don’t stop at quality; we also pride ourselves on our integrity as a vendor. Because Envi manufactures its bags in dedicated factories, we can accommodate your every request. We have built a strong reputation for reliability in delivering top-quality products, offering competitive pricing, and always meeting production timelines. We work with every client as a partner in implementing reusable bag programs that effectively engage customers, enhance brand awareness, and encourage social responsibility.

See why so many businesses have gone green with Envi.

(Envi Reusable Bags, A Division of Syfel, Inc)


Envi is WEConnect certified as a woman-owned business. WEConnect International defines a certified women’s business enterprise as a company that is at least 51% owned, managed and controlled by one or more women and has completed the WEConnect certification process.